Friday, October 26, 2012

Following Directions

I'm student teaching with a resource teacher, which means that I often get to push into other classes and observe what is going on in the general education classrooms.  I had the pleasure, while taking data last week, to witness the most hilarious lesson I think I've ever seen!  Apparently the students had been experiencing difficulty with following directions so to assess who could follow directions and who could not, the teacher and student teacher in this classroom made a list of directions to follow, the first of which was to read all the directions before doing anything and the second direction was to simply write their name on their paper followed by a list of ridiculous directions.

Students had privacy folders up so they couldn't copy one another and I will say that all the adults in the room enjoyed watching the students folding their paper, tearing things, banging on their desks, etc.  Not a single student followed the directions correctly and I liked this assignment so much that I made my own version of it!

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