Friday, February 21, 2014

The wonder that is homeschooling…

Hello, all!  It's been an eternity since I was last able to post!  I've been so busy teaching dance and gymnastics (yes, 40 hours a week) that I have hardly had time to create anything new for school!  I did; however, recently begin tutoring a student who is home schooled.  I am actually helping teach her mother how to home school while also going through home school lessons with the student.  I've never worked with an online curriculum like this, but they are using the k12 program and I'm finding that it is super easy to use as long as you are computer savvy.

The big issue with this particular situation is organization and expectations.  Because this student has some special needs (attention-wise and works best when expectations are clearly laid out), I created this sticker chart to ensure that everything that needs to get done during the day actually gets done.

Every subject utilized in the k12 program is listed along the top of the chart, with each day of the week along the side.  When printed, it will be two pages wide.  Here, I have listed the simple chart in black and white with one font, but I let my student choose fonts and colors (during timed breaks between lessons).  If you'd like it unlocked so you can alter font/colors/subjects, please let me know and I can get you that file!

As a reward for filling up the chart, my student has chosen an afternoon at a local museum!  Letting the student choose a reward will usually drive work completion!  We are flying through our first chart!  Good luck with yours!