Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Nature Walk and Art Project...

Hello, all!  I'm back at it again!  As you may have read, I'm in between teaching jobs, but am teaching dance and gymnastics, am tutoring, and am doing quite a bit of babysitting.  I've decided that since I miss teaching early childhood special education so much, that the kids I babysit are going to start getting the teacher treatment from me!

The other day, while watching a rather precocious 3-year old and his 18-month old brother, inspiration struck and we managed to turn 30 minutes of fresh air into a lesson on the changing season/conservation, followed up by an art project that even the 18-month old was able to work on to some degree. If used in the classroom, the finished product would make for an adorable bulletin board or portfolio item.

 If you'd like the full lesson plan (including science, conservation, sorting, and the art project directions), you can grab it on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Just click below!