Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jeopardy Review Game

As student teaching has continued, I've become way more tech savy than I ever was as an undergraduate.  Also, I love to play games.  I have a small group of 5th graders whom I see for literacy and fluency.  We spend the majority of our time reviewing what goes on in the general education classroom.  Since this tends to get a bit dry and attention spans are short, I created a template for Jeopardy that we used to review vocabulary, characters, and comprehension concepts prior to their unit test.  I had it filled in with information from the story and sent it to the general education teacher, who liked it so much that she used the exact same game in the general education classroom.

I uploaded a blank template with all the transitions to my teacherspayteachers site.  Click below to download and scroll down for screen shots.  The kids loved it and this template is blank so you can fill it in however you need to!

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