Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snap Cards for Sight Words

Things have been so crazy!  I am still working as an aide for a 7th grade special education program (and I've begun writing curriculum!), but now I am also tutoring a variety of elementary school students in reading and time management and test taking and things of that nature.

In working with a first grader on decoding skills, I invented what we have come to call "snap cards."  These are basically flash cards with commonly used sight words.  The point is that once the student gets good enough with them, she should be able to snap her fingers (diva style) and know exactly what the word says.  I have 14 words in this set, but will be everso happy to make them with words that you specify, or I can open up the template for your personal use!

Here is a quick snap (see what I did there?  Snapshot... snap words...).  My little reading diva loves the font and they are big enough that as she flips through them, we have space to write on them or highlight/underline blended sounds, etc.

Thanks for popping in! 

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